Myrtle, a rare tree, is indigenous to a small region of the Pacific Northwest.

     This symmetrical broad leaf evergreen tree produces a unique hardwood that varies in color from a deep, rich brown to satiny gray,
red and even yellow.  It is a favorite of craftsman and collectors.

     Myrtle demands rich, moist valley soil to attain its finest development. There, the tree, can attain over 100 feet in height and more than 5 feet in diameter. The glossy leaves, when crushed, give out a powerful, camphor-like scent, pungent and spicy.  The leaves can be used as bay leaf in cooking.              

  Colorful, tough and durable, a wide range of items are crafted using myrtlewood,  furniture such as chairs and grandfather clocks to salad bowls, cutting boards and jewelry.


We build our baskets with Myrtlewood and finish them with clear mineral oil to allow the myrtle's endless galaxies of rich grain and intense contrasting colors to show naturally.

1/2 Bushel Basket

Small Bowl Basket

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