For more than 40 years, Don Barber built ocean going wood boats in the Pacific Northwest community of Coos Bay, Oregon.

In 1979 Don retired from shipbuilding and started a family business handcrafting baskets out of rare myrtlewood.

Dan Dunn painting with dory


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   Drift Dory Boat

Designed after the drift dories used to run the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. 

1/4 Bushel BasketRECT

Over the years photos of the baskets have been used on the covers, layouts and  advertisements of many publications.

An indication that our baskets have been a good product have been our customers, especially the ones we have been supplying for over 20 years.

    • proven designs
    • first-rate materials
    • skilled workmanship

We use Oregon Myrtlewood and solid copper. The final product is light in weight, very durable and will give its owner many years of service.

This is Quine - she keeps us company at the basket shop and takes us for walks on the beach at breaktime.

1/4 Bushel Basket1/4 Bushel BasketRECT
Myrlewood Tree

To learn more about the unusual Myrtle Tree click here.

Since 1979 our baskets have been put to use in many ways...

Picnic Basket

Martha Stewart put together a executive gift basket line for Ralph Lauren using our picnic baskets.


For many years Bath and Body Works used the large bowl basket in all their stores for  shopping baskets.

Large Bowl BasketRECT 

The trug baskets are especially popular with our gardening friends and family.

Small Trug
1/2  Bushel Basket
Since 1979
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